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If you can speak English and have a passion for teaching, then you have the potential to become an online teacher. Probably many of us have dreamt from our childhood to be a teacher. Although being a teacher is all about responsibilities, teaching is a fun job too. While offering knowledge to your students, you will also get an opportunity to spend some quality time with the pupils. A devoted teacher never feels the scarcity of love and respect from his students. 

Even today’s teachers are also making a lot of money by selecting the opportunity of online teaching. Yes, you can teach your students from the comfort of your home and do not have to step outside your job. Many teachers do not want to limit their job within one location. So, if you are one of them, we have a big surprise for you. You can select several teaching websites like Wyzant, Yup, Smarthinking, Chegg Tutors, and many others to teach online and earn a handsome amount. Some websites even allow freshers to guide. But, the best part about online teaching is you can interact with your students from anywhere in the world. 

How to make money through teaching online?

We all know how difficult it is to balance your working hours and family time within 24 hours. Be it any profession- you need to spend at least 8-9 hours per day in your job to earn a decent amount of money. Also, most of these jobs do not feature flexibility, and that is why you need to work as per your employer’s schedule

Maybe you have already found yourself in the same boat with similar issues. In that scenario, online teaching jobs can be your rescuer and open an exciting way of earning without spending a lot of time. You have grown a passion for teaching little kids, or you have strong knowledge of any foreign language. 

With an online teaching profession, you can offer knowledge at your preferred time and earn a handsome amount even per week. Since remote teaching does not generally feature a strict schedule, you can take classes whenever you want. So, the profession also provides you a scope to spend some quality time with your family. 

Unlike the traditional teaching profession, online teaching offers plenty of flexibility and scope to the new teachers. If you are a person who wants a custom-made job with attractive earning opportunities, online teaching is the best profession for you. Maybe you are an experienced teacher who wants to increase your income. 

Suppose you have graduated recently and want to work as a freelance teacher. If you have proper qualifications and passion for teaching, online teaching allows you to earn a handsome amount with only 4-5 working hours. Also, your remote job lets you do whatever you want during your spare hours. 

While online teaching opens a way to earn a lot of money from the comfort of your home, it also helps all the students clear their doubts smoothly. A student can find it challenging to understand a particular subject, or an individual can have doubts about a school project. Many students also feel interested in learning foreign languages. 

On the other hand, there are plenty of qualified people who are looking for a decent job. Online teaching platforms allow these well-educated people to help distressed students. In return, the teachers earn an attractive amount per week or month. So, if you have the required skill, qualifications, and passion, an online teaching job will help you make a lot of money. 

The virtual teaching sites offer flexibility not only to the students but also to the teachers. A student can enter the site and connect with the teachers any time in a day, and an educator can also set the teaching time as per his convenience. In addition to it, the educator can do all the work remotely. 

But, if you ask us how to earn the most through teaching online, we will suggest choosing a platform with hourly rates. You will make more money if you have an hourly rate for teaching. 

Later in this article, we will let you know several websites that pay the teachers based on the duration of the lesson. So, in that way, your skill will help you achieve your financial goals within a brief period. 

Requirements for teaching online    

Generally, most online teaching sites give priority to the aspirants who hold a bachelor’s degree in the respective subject. The particular requirements for teaching online differ from one platform to another. Also, the educational requirements depend on the country and the concerned subjects. 

If you are a USA citizen and want to teach foreign languages online, you will have to present some documents to prove your proficiency in the language. But, if you master a technical field, your employer can fix different sets of requirements for you. Several online teaching platforms even require only US and Canadian citizens to become their educators. 

In that scenario, you need to provide an authentic state license to the site to get the demanding online teaching job. So, long story short, the requirements differ from one platform to another. Still, from a fresher to an experienced person, anyone can opt for the online teaching job to make a handsome amount per day. 

The online teaching world has made a massive transformation in the education system, and it has broken the age-old tradition of brick-and-mortar classrooms. Now, with online teaching, you can create your classroom anywhere in the world. You only need to connect with your students through an authentic online teaching site

Years ago, people believed that teachers needed to come to the school, and otherwise, the person could not deliver knowledge to the students. Also, the traditional teaching system required a plethora of degrees, certificates, and years of experience from an aspiring teacher. So, it translates that freshers had no scope to gain teaching experience back then in such a system. 

But, nowadays, online teaching has made a revolution in the whole learning process. While a student can cross all the limits and boundaries to get him educated, a well-educated teacher can remotely teach hundreds of students with the help of the internet. An online educator can teach a subject or language to his student or organize doubt clearing sessions with the pupil. 

Also, several online teaching sites arrange courses and videos for toddlers, while other platforms organize online teaching courses for high schoolers. So, the phenomenon also determines the required qualification of the teacher. Usually, most online teaching platforms ask the aspiring educator to provide a bachelor’s degree in the concerned subject. 

Although online teaching sites offer priority to experienced teachers while recruiting, one can get scopes to teach remotely without any prior experience. The popular teaching platforms do not generally ask for certificates of teaching from online tutors. But, several sites offer priority to the aspirants with Teacher Education Program certificates. 

Still, you need to have the basic technical knowledge to teach online. Else, it will be difficult for you to operate your online class and resolve some trivial issues. Some online teaching sites only allow citizens from particular countries to teach on their platforms. 

For instance, if an online platform only allows citizens of the US and Canada to become tutors, you will need to show them your state license with other documents. Fortunately, only a few websites feature such requirements. So, any individual with a bachelor’s degree can start their career as an online tutor with no prior experience. 

Then, after gaining a few years of experience, the person can change the company to earn more. Remember, having the certificate of the teacher training program and passing the education technology test will help you grab a better opportunity with higher payments. 

How much can you earn for teaching online?

As an online tutor, you can earn approximately $10-$26 per hour. But, the appropriate rate can differ based on the education level of the tutor, experience, specialty subject, and the company hiring the teacher. It is easy to understand that specialty in common subjects, you can earn less than specialists in unusual subjects or languages. 

For instance, the demand for an online French language teacher is higher than the English one in the USA. Now, if you teach French online in the same country, you can earn an attractive figure per hour. Also, whom you teach determines your income. Online teaching sites pay more for the university or specialty subjects than elementary ones. 

So, if you teach at least mid-school or high school level subjects, online tutoring can be an extremely profitable job for you. So, while offering plenty of flexibility, online teaching also provides a handsome amount to the tutors. Now, you have probably understood how easy it is to earn an attractive figure remotely if you have a passion for teaching. 

Online tutoring sites even allow freshers to gain teaching experience and earn a decent amount simultaneously. Also, devoted teachers love how the platforms arrange online classes. The websites only assign the students and syllabus to the tutors. Now, the tutor can break down the lessons and organize classes as per her choice. 

So, you can work freely and without anyone’s supervision as an online tutor. Is it not that great? Also, several online teaching sites allow their tutors to fix their rates! But, most companies have their pre-decided rates and pay the tutors according to that. Still, the rate can fluctuate depending on several factors. 

While a reputed company pays an online tutor minimum of $10 per hour, the upper limit can even cross 25 dollars sometimes. Now, you may be wondering what factors will help you earn the maximum salary and become a successful online tutor. Although your company and its base rate can limit your earning, you can receive the highest payments with your qualifications and experience. 

Generally, most companies have similar base rates and incentives. Still, if you have preferable degrees and increase your working hours, you can earn a handsome figure weekly or monthly. Below we have shared some factors that will assist you in receiving the highest payments while teaching online. 

  • State teaching license or teacher training program certificate

We all know how TEFL certificates help online English teachers to teach in countries where English is a foreign language. With the help of such a 120 hours course, any online English tutor can guide students to learn English smoothly and fast. But, if you want to become an online tutor in the USA, many states require you to hold a state teaching license. 

Even several online teaching platforms offer priority to the candidates who have acquired their state teaching license. But, having a bachelor’s degree is mandatory to get this certification. Even nowadays, many states require you to hold a master’s degree in your subject to acquire the certificate. 

Also, several teacher training programs will make you an eligible online tutor with higher payment expectancies. So, it is needless to say that all these additional certificates increase your demand as a tutor, and you can choose the company with the highest rate per hour. 

  • Higher degrees in your subject

If you want to become an online tutor, a bachelor’s degree in your subject will be enough in general cases. Most online teaching platforms require their candidates to hold this degree as a minimum qualification certificate. But, if you can achieve higher degrees in the subject you will teach, your payment will automatically elevate. 

An online tutor with a master’s degree earns more than one with a bachelor’s degree. In that way, if you complete ph.D. in your subject, the chances to earn six figures per month will go higher. Even in some scenarios, online teaching sites allow their highly qualified teachers to set their rates! 

  • Experience matters a lot.

Experience is another factor that determines the payment of an online tutor. If you have prior teaching experience, the company can agree to pay you more than a fresher. Also, several online tutoring platforms require a few years of teaching experience to qualify for the job. 

Such companies will also offer higher rates to eligible online tutors. So, if you are a fresher who wants to become an online tutor in the future, we suggest starting your career right after getting your bachelor’s degree. 

In that way, you can gain your teaching experience at the earliest and shift to high-paying companies very soon. Remember, your teaching experience, higher degrees, and passion for teaching- all the factors will help you become successful in your career and earn more than you think. 

How can you become a successful online teacher?

An online teacher can work with a toddler from kindergarten and a teenager from college. So, the online tutor can help a kid in his homeschooling, or the individual can help a student pursue a master’s degree. The working field of an online tutor is so vast that you cannot even imagine. 

For instance, several online teaching sites hire tutors who can help the students complete their homework. Since such doubt clearing sessions do not require years of experience and higher degrees, even some freshers with adequate knowledge can do this. But, if you master any academic subject, your online tutoring career will shine very soon. 

Since you specialize in a particular subject, you can easily attract students or clients to get your service. Also, specialization can even increase your rate in the job of online teaching. Apart from being an expert in a niche, you can complete an online teacher training program. 

The certificates of such programs help you improve your efficiency so that you can get a job smoothly. Remember, your success depends on your teaching capability. That is why many online teaching websites require years of experience before offering a job. 

But, certificates of teacher training program or master’s degree can prove your proficiency as an online tutor. Long story short, you need to feature the following skills to become a successful online tutor. 

  • Your instructing skills should be magnificent. 
  • If a person is an active listener, he can be a successful online tutor. 
  • Analytical and comprehensive skills are mandatory for an online teacher. 
  • If you can teach your students through some exciting methods, you can become successful in the job. 

You can join online teaching sites either as a part-time teacher or a full-time educator. But, no matter whatever you choose, you need to offer the optimal service to become successful in your career. 

What are the different types of online tutoring?

It is shocking that online tutoring even features variations. Yes, in the virtual world, you will notice two kinds of online teaching, and Online tutors select one that fits them perfectly. 

  • Asynchronous teaching

In the asynchronous tutoring method, the online teacher generally sends tasks or assignments to the students. Also, the tutor mentions a fixed deadline. Then, the student completes the job and sends it back to the teacher. 

In that scenario, both teacher and student do their jobs at their own pace. Also, both can be online at different times, and it does not hamper the learning process. If the learner faces any difficulty, he can ask the teacher about the problems. 

Plus, the educator resolves the issue according to his time. If you want to work as a part-time online tutor, asynchronous teaching will be the best option to go. 

  • Synchronous teaching

The synchronous tutoring method will be the best choice for full-time tutors who prefer real-time interaction with the pupil. In this tutoring procedure, the educator generally works with a group of students at the same time and guides them on the same topic. 

Who can become an online tutor?

Online tutoring jobs feature several conveniences. You do not need to go anywhere to teach your students. So, anyone with a bachelor’s degree and a computer system can become a successful online tutor. But, is this job perfect for everyone? 

No, only a few people with passions for teaching can become online teachers. Like many other jobs, the online teaching profession is also not for everyone. If you have the best academic record and prior teaching experience, the job is a perfect fit for you. In the following sections, we share who can be an efficient online tutor. 

  • The retired teacher can help students online.

Maybe you are a retired teacher who has 20-30 years of tutoring experience. In that case, you can help distressed students through the teaching sites. Several online teaching platforms hire retired teachers to take online classes at their convenience. 

So, in that scenario, you can earn a handsome amount while working a few hours per day. You can even control the student numbers to enhance the efficiency of your teaching. A retired teacher can even guide and train aspiring tutors remotely through several tutoring websites. 

  • Recent graduates

In case you have graduated recently, you can opt for an online teaching job to earn money. While you can help other college students complete their assignments, you can also earn a handsome amount from the comfort of your home. 

  • Remote workers

Maybe you are a mother or a family caregiver. In both cases, you cannot leave the house. In that scenario, an online tutoring job will help you earn an attractive amount without investing a lot of time. Online teaching is also suitable for homesick persons who prefer remote work over desk jobs. 

What are the advantages of online teaching?

Nowadays, there are plenty of advantages to online teaching. First of all, anyone with a bachelor’s degree and computer can do the job. Secondly, you do not need to step outside of your house to teach the students. In today’s world, people prefer online jobs that offer a decent salary and plenty of conveniences. 

But, can you teach online and earn money? Yes, a well-educated person can opt for an online tutoring job as a full-time profession. It may sound unusual that a teacher connects with the students through the tutoring website and offers them academic assistance. Even one can think that the quality of online education is poorer than the traditional one. 

But, the fact is the top online teaching websites have made teaching and learning hassle-free than ever. While the traditional school system generally does not allow beginners or freshers to teach and gain experience, several online teaching websites offer them chances. 

Some of them even let the college and university students instruct on their site. Now, if we talk about the salary and flexibility of this job, you will be intrigued. Based on your qualification and experience, you can earn an attractive amount per week as an online tutor. 

Also, you can work remotely and at your convenience. You can schedule live classes according to your time, or you can opt for pre-recorded lessons or coaching classes. Below we have penned down all the advantages of online tutoring. 

  • Work anytime and anywhere.

Online teaching job offers flexibility and a chance of working remotely. Firstly, you do not need to work for fixed hours, and you can teach your students at your convenience. Plus, you can stay connected with the pupil anywhere in the world. 

So, if an online tutor is also wanderlust, the individual can travel around the world and teach the students simultaneously. Nothing will hamper your job, and your income will climb higher. Since the online teaching companies do not pressure a tutor to take on more tasks, you can take as much work as you wish. 

Also, the remote profession will let you take care of your family very well. Since online teaching does not require a lot of time, you can do several other jobs with it. 

  • Reach the maximum number of students

Since the internet does not limit the boundaries, you can connect with more students through online teaching platforms. Such sites will let you teach students from your own country and other cities at the same time, and it will help you market yourself to a large number of audiences. So, the popularity will help you take tutoring jobs in better companies in the future. 

  • A remote job saves money.

Since an online tutor does not need to travel to school every day, the person can save a lot of money. It is the beauty of working remotely. While you can teach your students anytime you want, you do not need to spend even a single penny. An online tutor can work as many hours as he wants and gets paid accordingly.

Top websites to teach online and earn money.

For the last few decades, online teaching has become popular in many countries. The advancement of technology has played a significant role in increasing popularity. Also, students and teachers both have started preferring online teaching for several flexibilities. The convenient method of teaching requires neither student nor teacher to travel to school. 

While the students can learn remotely, the online teacher can take classes whenever he wants. Also, if an online tutor travels somewhere else, the individual can still teach her students through some online teaching platforms. Such convenience makes the online teaching sites more familiar than the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom concept. 

Also, online teaching has gained more popularity in the last 2-3 years due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Teachers and students have been able to stay connected due to these sites despite being in quarantine. So, no matter what happens, reputed online teaching platforms help the students to continue their lessons and assist the teachers in earning money every day. 

Now, you may feel interested and want to join such a company as an online tutor. But, which one will be a perfect suit for you? Since there are thousands of online teaching sites available, you need to select the appropriate one to start your career as an online tutor. 

So, here we have shared some of the top websites to teach online and earn an attractive amount. Since each site has a different set of requirements, go through them carefully to pick the best job for you. 

Yup is a San Francisco-based Math tutoring website that has helped students solve their math problems since 2014. The platform can be a milestone in your career if you are a Math teacher. Here on this site, you can connect with students and guide them at your convenience. 

But, you should be a citizen of the USA to become an online teacher on this platform. Also, Yup is not for beginners. So, you can get the job only if you have a minimum of 2 years of experience as a Math teacher. 

Since many students struggle with a subject like Math, an educator can assist them in solving problems through the site. If you have strong knowledge in all branches of Math like Arithmetic, Calculus, and Trigonometry, Yup can be a suitable website for you. 

Students send the assignments to their educator on this website, and the teacher helps them solve the problems. The company does not pressure the online tutors to take jobs, nor do they limit the capacity. The teacher can take tasks as per his convenience and receive payment accordingly. 

Usually, Yup takes proficiency tests before hiring online Math tutors, and it helps the company select only the efficient candidates. So, once an applicant gets hired, the site starts connecting the individual with the students. 

Now, the online Math teacher can resolve as many problems as he can to get more payment. On this platform, your earning can fluctuate as per your experience. 

Maybe you want to kick start your online teaching career. But you cannot manage enough time for it, then Chegg Tutors can be the best option for you. In November 2011, 3 people designed a website to help the students who did not want to limit their knowledge. 

Although the headquarter of the online tutoring company is in San Francisco, USA, people from anywhere join here to learn or teach. People assume that one needs to be a citizen of the USA to be an online tutor on this platform. 

But, the truth is the company hires people based on their qualifications. So, any well-educated person can be a tutor on this site. The online teaching company has already grown immense popularity among students from the USA and from other countries. 

Now, if you ask why, the answer will be the motto behind designing the company. The three founders built the site so that students from any grade get help from online educators. Even to date, Chegg Tutors allow the teaching of all classes. 

So, if one holds only a bachelor’s degree, the individual can be an online tutor on this site. Since the platform offers lessons on all subjects, many online educators can opt for this company to start their careers. Also, the online teacher of the site gets the opportunity to teach students from middle school, high school, and even from college. 

The company even allows college and university students to teach on the site. In that case, you need to provide your current and previous academic documents and scores to the company. If your qualification matches their criteria, the company will hire you immediately. 

In that way, you will be able to earn a handsome amount per week while offering academic assistance to distressed students. After signing up on the website as an online tutor, the company will start assigning students to you. 

So, if you teach your students passionately and clear their doubts immediately, you will be able to build your reputation as an online educator. Also, you will receive your payment every week through PayPal. Although the fresher does not make a lot of money from the site, your income will elevate with your experience. Here, you can also select your favorite subjects to teach the students. 

Smarthinking is a Washington-based online teaching platform that connects struggling students with experienced online tutors. Since the dedicated teachers offer lessons on more than 150 subjects, students can clear their doubts regarding various topics. 

The tutor can teach the students about foreign languages, general subjects, and even essay writings. Since Pearson Education is the parent organization of the website, the students and teachers can trust it. Also, the site requires tutors to teach students from various grades. 

Since students from K-12 can be the users, teachers with different levels of university degrees can take the job. Even industry professional trainers and nursing trainers can teach students on the site. But, unfortunately, this platform is not for beginners. 

You need to have a bachelor’s degree in the desired subject and at least 2-3 years of experience to get a job in Smarthinking. Plus, the company offers priority to the applicants who have secondary teaching experience. 

If you are a resident of the USA and want to become an online tutor, Wyzant can be the perfect choice for you. The Chicago-based online teaching site is even a convenient option for the students as they only need to pay while following the pay-as-you-go model. 

That is why teachers do not need to arrange countless lessons for the students. So, it concludes that you can even become a part-time teacher on Wyzant. The company conducts an exam to test the knowledge of the applicant.

 If you pass the test, the site will let you open a profile. Now, you can advertise yourself on the website to attract students. If they feel interested in your profile from the listing, they can select you as their online tutor. 

Wyzant even allows you to set your rate, but they deduct 25% of your earnings before paying you the money. Still, it is an attractive option for aspiring online tutors to kick start their journey. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, TutorMe is another popular platform that helps struggling students clear their educational doubts. The students can connect with the appropriate educator on this site who can offer proper academic guidance. 

So, if you feel interested in this field, you can sign up for this website as an online tutor. Also, you do not need to have prior experience of teaching to get this job, and you can select your specialty subjects while applying for the job. 

After becoming an online educator on this site, you have to help the students with their assignments, homework, essays, and lessons. TutorMe allows its educators to work at their convenience. So, you can set your class schedule. Plus, you will get a chance to work with kids from K to 12. 

Since the students can rate you based on your performance, it will help you grab better opportunities in the future. Although the starting salary of this job is low compared to other websites, TutorMe is a good choice for beginners. 

End thought

Nowadays, online teaching jobs have become a successful career option for aspiring tutors. If you hold a bachelor’s degree and want to be a devoted teacher, you can become a successful online educator. Also, an online tutor can work remotely and at his convenience. So, you can select one of our recommended online teaching companies, as all of them are legitimate and authentic.

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