How to Make Money Playing Video Games with Your Phone

So you are looking for some games to play on your iPhone which will even pay you for investing your time in it. Don’t worry I will not tell you about those fake games, which you are tired of playing and still weren’t able to withdraw a penny. I will be mentioning only those applications which are legit and I have tried personally.

I know you would be having many questions like, how long will I have to play, how much will I be paid, etc. Don’t worry everything will be explained in detail in this post. So be with us.

Before getting into games, I want you to understand how these games are making money because it’s very much understandable that games will pay you only if they are making some good money too. Otherwise, they would be at a loss.

These apps/games make money by different revenue models like by showing advertisements, in purchase options, premium versions etc. The most common is ads. For making quite handsome money by showing advertisements in your app, you need a good consumer base that is quite active daily.

So to attract consumers they provide you with some money just for playing the game or indirectly being active for a long time.

Steps to earn money while playing games on your phone

1. First of all select the game with which you want to begin (We have provided a list of many legit games/apps below). Once you found your dream game then just create an account with that site or application. Also, remember that you will need a payment gateway account to receive money from these games. The best option will be to have a Paypal account. It is quite popular and almost every site or game have PayPal as an option.

2. After you have downloaded and installed the app and done with the registration process, you should carefully read their rules and regulations. Each game/site have a set of their own rules, so it is better to be aware of them in advance.

3. While registering you should be careful to use a legit email which you check regularly because you will receive all the notifications here only. It will be used to confirm your registration and probably follow up with you on other important details later on.

4. So the basic model is that you get coins or reward points to complete tasks while playing the games and once you have reached the threshold your points are converted into money and transferred to your payment gateway account. Most of them pay you directly to your Paypal account.

5. All the games mentioned in this post are free to join and start playing instead of paying any kind of registration fee or anything like that.

Points I have considered while making the list

I have well researched the games mentioned here.

1. User Reviews: I believe user reviews are the best place if you want to know whether you should invest your time on this platform or not.

2. Legitimacy: I have checked whether there have been any complaints related to stealing data or tampering etc.

3. Usability: The user interface should be good enough that one can spend time without putting in much effort.

4. Cash Payout: Have users received the payments in reality or not.

Here is the list of the games which pay you to play them.

Best and Legit Games to make Money while Playing.

All these games mentioned below are legit to the best of my knowledge, you should read their terms and conditions quite well and understand all the rules before you start investing your time.

1. SwagBucks

Platforms: Android & IOS

Average Payout: $2-$4 per hour

Signup fee: $0 (free)

Payout Methods Available: Gift cards via email or cash by Paypal

It is one of the most popular application out there to earn real money, they offer a wide range of options to make money. You can fill surveys, play games, complete tasks, watch videos, etc depending on your interest. It is available for both platforms i.e Android and IOS. Also, you can access their website directly without installing an application if you want. But we recommend you install the app, rather than playing on their website for a better experience.

There are basically two options on SwagBucks, one is that they offer you cashback other is they provide you with cash for playing games.

If you are playing some popular games like Trivial pursuit etc then you wouldn’t be paid hard cash into your PayPal account instead you will receive a cashback for the amount which you will be spending on in-app purchases in that game. It’s not a bad option if you want to save some money.

But if you playing some less popular games, suggested by Swagbucks only. They will actually pay you in form of a gift card or cash. There is a threshold of $5 once you reach there you can redeem your money in form of gift cards or direct transfer to your PayPal account. The best part of Swagbucks is that it provides you with plenty of options other than playing games too as you can even watch videos, take surveys if you got bored of playing games.

2. InboxDollars

Platforms: Android & Online website

Average Payout: $1-$2 per hour

Signup fee: $0 (free)

Payout Methods Available: Gift cards via email or cash by Paypal

It is another popular platform that provides you with a great opportunity to make money online while playing games. The site offers you with other plenty of options like taking surveys, watching videos etc I know the payout is not so good as compared to others, but it is a trusted source and has been for a long time in this game now. The app can be downloaded from PlayStore or you can directly play on their site.

There are a lot of games like sudoku, spider solitaire, etc and even mobile games which require testing.

If you enjoying playing simple games, then believe me you are gonna love the InboxDollars. You just need to create an account, which is free of cost and you are ready to make some cash. I think if just investing an hour or two per day can pay for your subscriptions and other small expenses then why not go for it.

When you are not in the mood to play games, just watch the videos or take surveys. There is a threshold of $30 on this site, I know it is very high but the site must be having its own reasons. Once you reach the threshold, you can have your payment cashed out in form of a gift card or a direct transfer to your PayPal account, whichever you prefer.

3. MistPlay

Platforms: Android

Average Payout: $2-$5 per hour

Signup fee: $0 (free)

Payout Methods Available: Gift cards via email or cash by Paypal, Visa, Amazon, steam etc

One of the best platforms out there. MistPlay as the name suggests provides you with a lot of games to play and earn real money. The best part is that you get to play new games and they pay you to provide feedback and share your experience while playing the game. It’s so simple, isn’t it? The payout rates are quite good and the best part is that it has a very small threshold, only $5. Once you have reached the threshold you can receive your payout in form of gift cards or if you want cash, MistPlay has a variety of options like steam, PayPal, Amazon etc. You will receive your cash within 48 hours. 

It provides both developers and consumers with a great User experience, so developers can test their games easily and consumers get paid well for playing games.

There are ample games to keep you busy the whole day if you want. They also have a feature ‘MIX’ where based upon your preference they create a playlist of games, which you might enjoy playing. There are a lot of categories to choose games from like puzzle, platforming, action, strategy etc.

To summarise, MistPlay is a great platform to invest your time. If you are looking for new games rather than old website games, MistPlay is certainly for you. Another thing which I like about MistPlay is that it is totally game focused, not like others who are offering you other options like watching videos, filling out survey forms etc. So they are mainly focused on bringing new and latest games on their platform to increase user retaindency.

These were the best options if you are looking to make some money online while playing video games on your phone.

Some more apps are mentioned below:

4. Earning Station

Platforms: Android & Online website

Average Payout: $1-$2 per hour

Signup fee: $0 (free)

Payout Methods Available: Gift cards via email or cash by Paypal, Amazon, Visa etc.

You can make $10 in 10 minutes just by joining and completing their $10 page. Earning station has made a name for itself quite recently. Like many other platforms, it also provides you plenty of options to make money online like watching videos, filling surveys and obviously playing games.

5. CashPirate

Platforms: Android

Average Payout: $1-$2 per hour

Signup fee: $0 (free)

Payout Methods Available: Gift cards via email or cash by Paypal, Bitcoin etc.

You might have heard that name before, it is quite popular too. It pays you for playing games, interacting with ads, watching videos, taking surveys etc. They pay you in form of coins or points which can be converted into PayPal cash. There is a threshold of 2500 coins, thus you can payout once you reach 2500 coins, which will be worth $2.5.

If you want to cash in form of bitcoins, then you will need a minimum of 5000 coins, which is $5.

6. Space Bitcoins

Platforms: Android & Online website

Average Payout: $1-$2 per hour

Signup fee: $0 (free)

Payout Methods Available: In form of Bitcoins.

It is not a platform like others where there are many games to play and win, it’s a game itself.  Your job is to destroy the asteroids, once you complete the mission. You can payout directly to your bitcoin wallet.


So these were the games which you can play and make money for real. Now you just need to pick a few and check which one suits you the best.

Site or appWhat they offerProsCons
SwagbucksYou can play and test a variety of games.If you get bored, you can switch to other methods like videos, surveys, etc.The payment rate is below average
MistplayYou can play games and provide feedback to earn cash.It creates a playlist based on your preferences for the games.Only available on Android.
Inbox DollarsPlay a wide variety of classic and modern games for a small trickle of cash.Variety of games.Below average earnings.


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