How to get free samples and coupons by mail?

Who does not love to receive free samples and coupons? Things we get free of charge always seem special to us. But, can you get such free samples and coupons in your mail? Yes, you can receive them. While most free sample boxes contain tiny sample products and coupons, some even hold full-sized products too! So, if you are a free product lover like many others, receiving such mails will make your days even brighter. 
Since getting these boxes does not cost you a single buck, you will love to get, keep and use them. You can offer some of these sample products to your loved ones too! However, getting such free samples and coupons can sometimes cost your time and attention. In other words, maybe you have to tweet about them or write a review on the product on an eCommerce site. 
Sometimes to get free samples and coupons, you have to fill up a form or go through an online survey. But, compared to the complimentary samplings, these legworks seem nothing! Maybe now you feel interested to know about the websites or companies that send such free products. If so, then we have a list ready for you. So, go through the next section and try to receive a box-full-of-happiness in your mail.

Various programs and websites to get your free sample and coupons

Although you will find thousands of free sample giveaway programs, most of them will cost you even hours to fill out the surveys. Thankfully, we have discovered and tried some websites that do not waste your valuable time in exchange for freebies. Some even provide coupon books and free goodies smoothly and only ask for your basic information.

Since businesses offer complimentary samples and coupons to promote their brands, you can receive these boxes with no difficulty via mail just by registering yourself on their websites. Also, some even offer free boxes to their followers on social media to keep their brand loyalty upright. So, visit the following sites and programs to enjoy their freebies and coupons.

●      PINCHme

PINCHme values its customers so much that they provide complimentary boxes with products customized only for them. So, if you are looking for an authentic website for getting vouchers and free samples, your search will end here. Several brands donate their sample products and coupon books to PINCHme to encourage people to try their products.

●      Influenster

If you are a social media influencer, Influenster is for you. This website offers a box of free goodies to the social media butterflies who write reviews on their products. So, the more you write and share the awareness of the complimentary boxes received, the greater chance of yours having another Influenster sample box in the future.

In other words, completing some tasks will help you receive full-sized complimentary samples and vouchers every other month.

●      Smiley360

Smiley360 is another platform you can explore to receive free products and coupons by mail. You need to create a profile and answer some survey questions the site will ask based on your account. If you answer most of these questions, you will qualify to get a box of full-sized free products and vouchers. Want to know the best part of registering for this program?

You will not need to write anything to receive these free boxes and coupon books. Just attend the survey on the site and provide basic information and mail id correctly. Then if you get qualified to receive the handout, wait to welcome your box at your doorstep.

●      My Free Product Samples

Want to know about a website that provides free goodies, notifies you about special events and upcoming great deals? If your answer is yes, we have a website on our list like this. My Free Product Samples asks you to register on their website to receive complimentary boxes and vouchers on your mail.

Also, unlike other pages, this one always remains updated to provide fresh content and notifications to the subscribers. This dedicated website even publishes free tutorials to save you from the scammers of complimentary samplings.

Some spam sites ask you to share your details in exchange for freebies, but they never deliver the goodies and vouchers. So, register yourself on this site to know everything about the complimentary samplings’ world.

●      Free Stuff

Usually, several brands and sites offer free goodies and coupons, hoping that the receivers will purchase their products later. But, if you want to receive complimentary products and vouchers with no-strings attached, Free Stuff is for you. This exclusively designed website provides free boxes and coupons via mail.

But, the page ranks the products as per their category, and you need to do some legwork to receive more valuable free goodies. However, spending time completing the task rewards you with the free boxes. You can even participate in some hot giveaways to receive attractive complementary products like smartwatches or smartphones.

●      I Love Free Things

If you follow newspapers and current affairs, you have probably heard of this website for some good reasons. Recently, I Love Free Things got media attention for consistently building a good connection between consumers and companies. Nowadays, you will find thousands of free sample websites online that claim to offer free boxes and vouchers through the mail.

But, several programs turn out as spam. So, if you are finding a veteran complimentary samplings website, I Love Free Things is for you. They have been delivering free boxes since 2006, and you can expect a wide array of goodies from them. Generally, their complimentary boxes contain products and coupons, like- perfume, magazine subscription, and cosmetic products.

●      Internet Steals and Deals

Internet Steals and Deals site is run by Becky, dedicatedly and diligently exploring the complimentary samples and vouchers available on the Internet. So, the site resembles an umbrella page or an all-in-one website for giveaway lovers. People with varied preferences can get their coveted free goodies and vouchers from their preferred brands.

So, if you want to explore free samples in the skincare or cosmetic section or the baby care department, register yourself on the website. Also, the good thing about this program is you do not need to waste your time answering the survey questions. Here, you can even find some great tips on saving some extra bucks at the retail stores.

●      SampleSource

SampleSource is a website that provides free goodies and coupons by mail only four times a year. But, this complimentary sampling program is a bit different from other sites. Unlike other websites, SampleSource never announces the date and time of their freebies and coupon giveaway program.

So, if you want to receive free boxes from them, you need to sign up on their program to get notifications. You can get a wide range of free goodies that can include products, such as breakfast cereal, napkins, toothpaste, and other samples.

●      Proctor and Gamble

We all know Proctor and Gamble as the parent company of many other brands. So, if you sign up on their website using your mail id, they will deliver a coupon book consisting of vouchers from several companies. Since P&G has multiple brands under them, you will have to go through a valuable survey to receive the coupons from preferred brands.

Although the survey takes only a few minutes, skipping it might result in receiving worthless vouchers. For instance, you want to get coupons on women’s products or groceries. But, if you do not fill up the survey, the brand will not know your preference.

And, you may end up getting coupons on baby products. So try to answer all the survey questions available on the website of Proctor and Gamble to increase the chance of getting coupons and free samples via mail.

●      Complimentary Baby Box from Walmart

Yes, you read it right! Walmart provides boxes full of baby products for parents who have infants. They call it the Walmart Welcome Box. But, how can you receive these freebies by mail? You only need to build a baby registry at the official site of Walmart. And, voila! You are eligible to get free samples and coupons from Walmart.

The company does not ask you to answer their survey questions and write reviews about them. So, if you have to purchase baby products every 15 days, you can give it a try to receive this complimentary box. Such packages even include baby lotion, shampoo, diapers, kids laundry detergent, baby wipes, and several other essential goodies for your little one.

●      Follow your preferred brands on social media.

Nowadays, companies prefer social media marketing to reach more audiences within a brief period. So, follow your favorite brands on several social media platforms and regularly check their accounts.

It is because businesses now promote their newly launched or remodeled products by organizing free samples or coupon giveaways. That is why keep an eye on your chosen companies to avail complimentary samplings and coupon books via mail.

End words

So, now you know all the places you can visit to receive some free goodies and vouchers by mail. But, free-sample scams can cause you a headache in some cases. So, while doing the surveys or filling up the forms on the website, never provide more than your basic information, like- name, address, and contact details. Remember, authentic free-sample sites never ask for your bank details.

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