How to make money as a 14 year old online?

Having a teen at home is definitely a blessing. And being their parents comes with a great deal of responsibility. While you need to support them in their education, you will also have to provide them with their pocket money time and around.

If you are affluent enough you would definitely take care of your teen child and give them all their needs. But as we know the prevailing tough times have taken a toll on everybody’s finances. And in such a case if you can guide your child to earn their own pocket money, it would be definitely a relief for you. Teaching your ward to earn their own pocket money will not only make them self-reliant but also help them in managing finances, a life lesson to be learned.

Before I dive straight into the ways in which your child can make money online, let me give you a customary disclaimer that with every good thing comes certain drawbacks which if not checked at the right time will be a matter of worry in the future. Let me tell you a couple of problems your child may face if you introduce him to the online world.

Some common problems associated with a child in internet:

The worldwide web is sometimes very complex even for an adult has its own share of problems for a teen. Some of the issues are listed below –

  1. Cyber Bullying : Teens nowadays spend the majority of their online time in social media sites or forums. This makes them highly prone to cyber bullying.
  2. Anxiety & Depression : A lot of teens aged between 14-19 years have reported anxiety and depression while excessively accessing the web.
  3. Inappropriate content : With the internet, teens get access to a wide range of information and content. Out of natural curiosity, they may land into inappropriate content such as pornography.

Though these problems seem serious, they can be checked by monitoring properly the activities of your child on the internet. A simple child lock can sometimes save you from grave problems. I would talk about how you can get rid of these problems at the end of this article. Keep reading.
Now, let me take you directly to the steps or ways by which your child can earn money online. There are several legitimate ways by which your child can earn a little extra pocket money by spending some time online. Let me list down all of them.

1) Taking online surveys: There are several websites on the internet that conduct online surveys. These surveys are done to give companies feedback and opinion about their services and products. The best part is that companies are willing to pay those who take these surveys. That makes online surveys a good option to earn money online. Here are some of the websites where you can find such surveys.
1.1) Toluna (
1.2)  SurveyJunkie (

1.3) Opinion Outpost

1.4) One opinion 

2) Music Review Sites: If your child has a taste for different genres of music, he is one step ahead in earning money online by giving reviews about music on some sites that would pay him for such jobs. He will be paid $0.05 to $0.20 per track that he listens to. All that your child needs to have is a Paypal account, and the earnings will be directly deposited to that account. Below are a couple of such music review sites that you may try.
2.1) Slice the pie.

2.2) Music Xray.

3) Freelance writing: If your ward likes to pen down his thoughts and ideas, there is a great opportunity for him to earn online. If he has a good command of the language and can also do a bit of online research, he can then pursue a career or hobby as a freelance writer. Some of the websites that pay teens for writing assignments are as mentioned below-
3.1) Hubpages

3.2) Helium.
Apart from working on these sites, if your child has a penchant for writing, you can make him start his own blog. There are several ways through which you can monetize the blog. Keep reading to know more about blogging.

4) Micro Jobs
There are a bountiful of websites where your child can do certain micro or small jobs and get paid accordingly. These micro-jobs may be different kinds of jobs ranging from designing logos, writing articles, or even making short videos. Your child will be paid from $5 to $100 for each successful job that they deliver to their clients. One interesting marketplace of such jobs is Fiverr. You will need to create an account on this website and list down the gigs according to the skills of your child. The key to getting orders in Fiverr is to write the gig description in a lucid and attractive manner such that visitors get converted into clients.
Some other websites of similar type are –
4.1) Amazon Turk.
4.2) Humanatic.
4.3) Crowdsource. 

5) Vlogging: If your child loves to face the camera and make videos, youtube is the best platform for him. He can create vlogs and upload them regularly in his channel. Please keep in mind that your child will be earning money from youtube if his channel is monetized with AdSense. For inspiration, you may make your child watch the videos of following teen YouTubers –
5.1)  MattyBRaps.
5.2) It’s Jojo Siwa.
5.3) Brooklyn and Bailey.

7) Blogging: As mentioned already above, if your child has a penchant for writing, you can make him start a blog for himself and start posting blog posts daily. You will be amazed to know that he will be paid handsomely for doing so. However, there are some technical things involved with starting a blog. Like he must be aware of getting a domain name, hosting the site on a server, installing a CMS like WordPress on the site and managing the WordPress site. Moreover, often blogging comes with the prerequisite to knowing about SEO. Being a teen your child may not be aware of these. So you may assist your child in these aspects or even seek expert advice. Just like vlogging, your child’s blog can also be monetized by Google AdSense.

8) Affiliate marketing: There are several affiliate networks that will allow your child to promote their products. Based on the sales generated from these promotions, your child will receive commissions from these networks. These affiliate products can be promoted in blogs and sometimes even in vlogs. Some of the examples of such affiliate networks are ClickBank, JVZoo, Commission Junction, etc. Apart from these, your teen child can also earn affiliate income by promoting products of Amazon.

9) Selling stuff on Etsy: It is very likely that even you might not have heard about Etsy. Well for that matter, Etsy is a creative marketplace where people can sell as well as buy crafty and creative items. Your child can sell both physical and digital products in this huge marketplace. There is a great scope for earning a good amount of money on this platform. 

10) Rendering voice-over services: Giving voiceovers is a cool career to work in. If your child has a clear speaking voice, he can definitely try this option to earn money online. There are websites like where you can list your child’s voice skills. There would be plenty of people who would like to seek the voice-over services of your child.

11) Sell digital photos:
If your child has a flair for photography, there are several online platforms where he can sell his photos and earn money. It should be kept in mind that these sites do require fairly better quality photographs, but if your child has a good sense of photography, these online sites can be a great source for passive income. Some of the examples of such sites are-
11.1) Shutterstock.
11.2) Bigstock.
11.3) Dreamstime.

12) Freelance teaching: If your teen child has a good grip over the English language, he can render service as a freelance trainer of the language to non-English speakers of Asia and other parts. Such services have a big demand in Asian countries. People hire trainers to learn the English language.  There is a great website to give this training service and also earn money online. You can browse this website by clicking here

Before the journey begins

Now that you have read these 12 cool ways through which your child can earn money online, I guess you can now get him started. But before that let’s look at some important pointers that you should need to follow before starting your voyage.

1) How will your child get the money? Even if you have figured out the way which your child would follow to earn his first bucks online, there is one more thing that you would be required to do in order to receive the payments. You would need to register an account for your child in Paypal for receiving the payments from the online earning sources. Some other alternatives of Paypal are Payoneer, Stripe and Skrill. Without any one of these, it would be almost impossible for the child to get the earnings and hence his labor will go in vain.

2) Encourage your child to develop a skill: If your child has a skill, it would be quite a handful while pursuing his online career. This skill may be anything like painting, digital graphics designing, creative writing, or even singing.  I would therefore suggest you encourage your child to nurture one such skill before jumping into the online avenues.

Steps required to follow for a secured online experience

Now since I have already said that towards the end of the article I would be talking about some of the ways to get rid of the problems faced by teens on the internet, let’s have a look at them.

1) Educate your child not to share passwords: We often teach and encourage our children to share things with their friends and siblings. But passwords are something that must be kept out of that list. Teach your child that sharing any passwords with whomsoever would jeopardize their online accounts.

2)  Be selective in accepting online friendship: Just like you teach your child not to mingle with strangers, the same normal should also be applied to online platforms. In different instances, unscrupulous cyber delinquents try targeting teens to establish friendships with them and get access to sensitive data.

3) Trust links of trusted sources: Tell your child to click on links that come only from trusted sources. There are many malicious links that harm the computer as well as steal crucial information from the device. Since your child would be spending more time online, he should know how to differentiate a malicious link from a trusted link. Phishing attacks can happen if your child clicks on any unscrupulous links.

4) Teach your child to spend wisely: Now that your ward has started earning money online, it’s time you educate him on what to do with the money. Teenagers usually are fond of spending heavily on online shopping. This is why you need to step in and train your child with essential financial management skills.

With these precautions taken by you, it would be quite seamless to introduce your child into the online avenues.  Your child would experience a vastly new and exciting world of the internet. 


While earning money online may be exciting for your child and a relief for you, it should always be kept in mind that you should not encourage the child to ignore his studies. Spending too much time online may hamper his studies and other aspects of his lifestyle.
The bottom line which I want to stress here is that you being an adult should teach and educate your child how to maintain a balance between his online activities and other normal works.

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